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Prior to your first sports massage treatment it is important to collect as much information about your general health and that of any existing conditions that may require consideration prior to treatment.


Any sports related or muscle related injuries will be investigated so that a clear strategy for treatment can be devised allowing treatment to commence.


The first treatment session will include:


- A postural assessment to identify any muscular skeletal imbalances

- Assessment of 'range of motion' of the areas to be treated

- Muscle tests to identify weakness or dysfunction


Following these tests a bespoke treatment plan will be devised which will include a specific programme of muscle rehabilitation exercises to aid recovery by strengthening and stretching the muscle areas identified during treatment.

The benefits of sports and remedial massage can be enjoyed by anyone suffering from muscle soreness, muscle aches, pains and injury, and or muscle and joint movement restriction as a result of recreational or occupational activity.


Sports massage treatment

Sports massage can promote relaxation of muscles to improve range of motion, flexibility of joints and healing of muscle tissue. Treatment can improve recovery time especially from DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) by helping to eliminate metabolic waste pooling into the lymphatic system.


It decreases muscle tension and helps relax muscle spasms and trigger points on a neurological level with the aid of neuromuscular techniques (NMT). Scar tissue and or adhesions caused by sports or recreational injuries can be broken down using soft Tissue Release Techniques (STR), Deep Tissue Frictions (DTF) and Muscle Energy Techniques (MET).


Sports massage treatments can identify problems areas that need work and can help to prevent injuries in the future.




-1 hour (1st treatment) to include treatment, consultation & notes: £50

-1 hour treatment (To include treatment and notes): £50

-1/2 hour treatment (To include treatment and notes): £40


Holistic massage

Prior to undertaking any treatment I will collect information on your general health and any existing conditions that may require consideration prior to treatment.


'Holistic' means the 'whole' and thus rather than concentrating on one part or area of the body holistic massage takes into account of the body as a whole entity.


Treatments will include the use of oils to allow the free flow of massage techniques over the body providing a relaxing and revitalising holistic experience.




- 1 hour treatment (To include treatment, consultation & notes: £50

- 1/2 hour treatment (To include treatment, consultation & notes: £40

Kinesiology taping

deep tissue and remedial and sports massage dorset ams therapies

Consultation and treatment

reflexology dorset ams therapies

Sports massage

*Additional costs:


Home visits over 8 miles [radius] from Dorchester maybe charged an additional £5 to cover increased fuel costs and travelling time, unless treatment is for 2+ people; then additional fee will be waived.

ams therapies strappingamd taping sports massage
ams therapies strappingamd taping sports massage
ams therapies strappingamd taping sports massage

Reduces muscle fatigue and promotes blood flow for faster recovery and reduces pressure on pain receptors to reduce pain. Swelling can be reduced by improving fluid dynamics.


Posture is enhanced and controlled by the placement of myofascia tape. Power taping can also be used to treat pain, improve flexibility, reduce imbalances, delayed muscle fatigue, and potentially even improve athletic and functional performance.


Can be incorporated into sports massage treatment or as a stand alone treatment.




Add £5 to standard Sports massage treatment charges to cover costs of tapes etc and will be incorporated into std treatment time.

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