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The ultrasound machine produces high-frequency sound waves which stimulates blood circulation and cell activity, accelerating the healing process. It is used extensively in the treatment of sports injuries such as sprained knee and ankle ligaments.


Treatments can be standalone or incorporated into a treatment plan of sports massage and or dry needling. Treatment plans are tailored to the individual client.


Prior to your first sports massage treatment it is important to collect as much information about your general health and that of any existing conditions that may require consideration prior to treatment.


Any sports related or muscle related injuries will be investigated so that a clear strategy for treatment can be devised allowing treatment to commence.


The first treatment session will include:


- A postural assessment to identify any muscular skeletal imbalances

- Assessment of 'range of motion' of the areas to be treated

- Muscle tests to identify weakness or dysfunction


Following these tests a bespoke treatment plan will be devised which will include a specific programme of muscle rehabilitation exercises to aid recovery by strengthening and stretching the muscle areas identified during treatment.


1 hour (1st treatment) to include treatment, consultation & notes: £50


1 hour treatment (To include treatment and notes): £50


1/2 hour treatment (To include treatment and notes): £40


Ultrasound and Electrotherapy

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