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Tel: 01305 250909

Mob: 07824 610790


Les fry

Angela Short treated my son after he had a torn hamstring, the injury had healed but the scar tissue was causing him significant problems and discomfort when he tried to return to rugby.


Angela was extremely flexible and came to our house to treat my son at a time convenient to us as a family. Angela's treatment was excellent and as a direct result my sons injury has now fully healed and causes him no problems at all.


One of my other Sons had a problem with his leg and Angela also treated this making a real difference. I would happily call and use Angela again and have no hesitation in recommending her skills to treat such an injury, especially a sports injury.

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Please find just a small selection of my testimonials below.



01305 250909

07824 610790


Katharine Butler

Angela has magic healing hands. She has incredible perception and ability to pinpoint injury, to release the tension and solve or at the very least massively improve the problem. The day after, one is lifted by an incredible lightness and ease. The tension has been relieved and often the pain has magically vanished.


I recommend her to everyone I know and I am always confident she will only improve their condition.

Sports massage, holistic massage and reflexology in Dorset

Barry Ratcliff

Not only can you see area's that highlight where the injury is, you can actually feel where the pain or injury is. You work in such a professional manner you do not lose the friendly approach which puts me at ease and allows you to find more problem area's which is one of many qualities you possess.  


I cannot speak for any other off your clients, but I am sure they must feel the same as I do, your clients certainly rate high in your priorities.


Your client confidentiality is as safe as houses, each time you have treated me you make me feel special because of the care you take.

Louise Cort

I found Amstherapies by accident!! I'm glad I did though.


I've had lower back and neck problems for years. Angela surprisingly sorted them out for me with so much ease.


I've been seeing my chiro and even recently had acupuncture for months to help with a recent leg injury. One visit to Angela as a desperate cry for help has made me feel 5 years younger! I'm so grateful and can't recommend her services enough.


I'll be making another appointment soon and routine appointments. Nothing can compare to feeling well and healthy and it's definitely worth it.

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